Notice Board


I like dogs and I am sure that many of you have dogs. There have been a few issues in the past with dogs on or around the bowling green. We should be grateful if members, friends and family please if they have to bring their dogs to have them on a lead and under control. We would appreciate it if you don’t bring your dog please. Please don’t leave your dogs in your car in the warm weather.- David Elshaw


When you come play bowls at the club pop into the cabin this week or next week and have a look at the club competitions. This year we are intending to have the ladies comps Partridge Cup and Hughes Cup on one day each. So ladies please put your names down. This will be a knock out on the day and you wont have to arrange matches yourself. Last year we could not have the ladies comps due to lack of interest. It was a really shame so it is important that all ladies enter these comps this year. These comps are very important for the bowling club  and we would appreciate it if members put their names down. – David Elshaw


The first Wednesday night taster sessions starts on 10th April 2019 at 6.30pm. This is for new players to encourage to join. We would appreciate it if some of you could come down and help with the coaching of these new players. If you know anyone who is interested in joining ask them if they might want to come. These sessions will be every Wednesday evening during the season. – David Elshaw