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The members bar is now open most weekends - see Glossop Cricket Club facebook page for opening times

Cub Competitions 2020

1st Round Draw  


All matches are to be played by 23 Aug


Please book your games through the contact page on the website - 2 games may be played at the same time  - contact details are in the cabin


Members Cup 2020

  1. Chris Armstrong  v  Julia Concannon     winner plays winner of game 2
  2. Adele Thomas  v  Tom Foldesi
  3. Brian Hodkinson  v  Rod Bowden          winner plays winner of game 4
  4. Andrea Mays +4  v  Dave Thomas
  5. Jenny Burgess  v  Lyndon Ogden         winner plays winner of game 6 
  6. John Stevenson  v  Trevor Whiteley +4
  7. Clive Easteal  v  Frank Hazelwood
  8. Tom Hughes  v  Jack Haynes
  9. Mike Fleming  v  Tony Robinson
  10. Dave Roberts  v  Phil Chadwick +4
  11. Graham Armstrong  v  Jeanette Thompson

Hockenhull Cup 2020

  1. Chris Armstrong  v   Frank Hazelwood
  2. Tom Hughes  v  Lyndon Ogden
  3. Dave Roberts  v  Jack Haynes  +4
  4. Rod Bowden +4  v  Dave Thomas
  5. Graham Armstrong  v  Tony Robinson
  6. Brian Hodkinson  v  Tom Foldesi
  7. Trevor Whitely  v  Mike Fleming
  8. John Stevenson  v  Phil Chadwick +4

Marvel Cup 2020

  1. Jack Haynes  v  Graham Armstrong
  2. Lyndon Ogden +4  v  Dave Roberts
  3. Trevor Whiteley v  Tony Robinson
  4. Tom Hughes  v  Rod Bowden
  5. Phil Chadwick  v  Chris Armstrong
  6. Frank Hazelwood  v  Tom Foldesi
  7. Brian Hodkinson  v  Mike Fleming
  8. Dave Thomas  v  John Stevenson