Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Club's Marvel & Hockunhall Cup Draws

All matches to be played by 12th June -  see list in cabin for contact number of your opponent.   Good Luck!


T. Robinson -v- P.Mellor

First Round

T.Robinson  / P.Mellor - v- M. Fleming
F.Hazelwood -v- D.Thomas
T.Whiteley -v- J.Haynes
C.Jones -v- P.Field
R.Mays -v- D. Frodsham
T.Foldesi -v- P.Chadwick
R.Wood -v- J.Stevenson
J.Blurton -v- A.Dawson


First Round

F.Hazelwood -v- T.Robinson
D.Thomas -v- R.Wood
T.Whiteley -v- P.Fields
M.Fleming -v- J.Blurton
D.Frodsham -v- J.Stevenson
P.Chadwick -v- P.Mellor
C.Jones -v- A.Dawson
T.Foldesi -v- J.Haynes 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

August Bank Holiday Monday - the 31st



Start 10.00am
Mixed Pairs event - all start off scratch
21 up - no practise
16 pair limit
£10 entry (all monies paid out on the day)

Food & Bar

Email: for further details or speak to a member of your committee 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Members Cup - 2015

Ist Round draw:-

Pat Critchlow v Phil Mellor.
Jack Haynes v Ken Edwards.
Dave Frodsham v Frank Hazlewood.
John Stevenson v Roger Mays.
Phil Chadwick v Irene Goodwin.
Eunice Coombes v Ricky Wood.
Jenny Burgess v Ray Haynes.
Tom Foldesi v Andrea Mays.
Dave Thomas v Trevor Whiteley.
Julia Concannon v Tony Y Robinson.
Mike Fleming v Martin Coombes.
Jane Stansfield v Peter Reed.
Adel Thomas v Dennis Goodwin.
Carl Jones v Andy Dawson.
Paul Field v David Elshaw.
John Blurton v Ken Gee.

All Games to be played by 12th June. Full details in the cabin.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Congratulations to the two left handers Phil Chadwick and Andrea Mays who won outright the Club's John Platt Pairs on the official opening day of the new season 21-6 against Frank Hazelwood and Jenny Burgess.

The Proud Winners!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Open Draw - Bank Holiday Monday 4th May from 10am

All players off scratch, 21 up. No practise.

Andy Murray -v- Jackie Gloag
Paul Heap -v- Steve Barber
Dave Thomas -v- Paul Leah
Wendy Jackson -v- Pete Riley
Emma Mosley -v- Paul Tootall
David Gwilliam -v- Dean Ferris
Carl Jones -v- Roger Morgan
Ian Cranston -v- John Guess
Ronnie Newton -v- Alan Brown
Ian Eaton -v- Phil Cookson
Paul Hawker -v- Nathan Warwick
Martin Hodson -v- Ann Hawker
John Blezard -v- Ben Gloag
Ged Smedley -v- Luke Guess
Paul Whitehead -v- Keith Robins
Joan Moran -v- Chris Wildgoose     

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Official Opening of the Green

Sunday 12th April @ 12.30pm. Bring your bowls as we will be playing our usual open event 

- The John Platt Pairs - 

This is open to all members who turn up on the day.

Bar will be open.

Monday, 16 March 2015


Thanks goes to local supermarket Aldi who have donated 6 rose bushes for our new patio area.

The addition of a pergola, access ramp, painted surrounds has transformed the area for the start of the new season.

Well done & thanks to all involved, you know who you are.