Friday, 27 February 2015

Easter Monday - Charity Event

Run by website - everyone welcome!!  It starts at 12pm. Come down and get involved.

Bar is open + food available.


Not long now. And who won't need some early season practice, whilst having a bit of fun.

This season's Charity Game is on Easter Monday, 6th April. There's a change of venue as Glossop BC have kindly offered the use of their green. The format this year is a bit different too. There will still be two teams, Mermaids Men (and ladies) against Smarty's Barmy Army, playing for the trophy, but it will be pairs, over 9 ends and hopefully everyone will get 3 games, with the top pair on each team fighting out a final.

As usual, everyone is welcome and anyone who wants a game will get one. All we ask is £5 per player, with the money going to the charity, which has yet to be decided.
If you have any suggestions let us know. We usually go for a charity or good cause that is personal to someone who might attend the event.
There will be other fun events on the day and a monster raffle. If anyone would like to donate a prize, let us know on the forum , via the website email address or the event on Facebook.

Also if anyone has any good ideas for the day or other ways of increasing the fund let us know. I think last year everyone raised almost £1000.

So get your bowls out, get down to North Road and have a laugh whilst raising money for a good cause!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Date for your Diary

Glossop Bowling Club @ North Road











Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Role of A League Delegate

At our recent AGM, The Secretary said in his report .....................................

"Delegates play an important role in representing your team in your league so thanks to those people who do this job on behalf of the Club"  

So for each league we have a delegate, someone who has volunteered their time and expense in getting to a Delegates Meeting, to represent every team player to ensure we know what's going on and vote on their behalf.

Some leagues only have up to 6 meeting a year, some meet every month.

Delegates are also expected to go their League AGM's.

Only last week, The North Derbyshire League AGM took place in Furness Vale, some 25 minutes from Glossop by car.
Unusually, the Agenda comprised of 30 items, including a "comfort break" at item 15!

I am pleased to report that our delegate for the night reported back in writing some of the main points, albeit the final comment was ............

                                   "Length of meeting - 2 hours 20 mins!!! "

AGM Bullet Point Update

  • No change in Annual Membership Fee for 2015 season
  • We welcome 2 members onto the Management Committee
  • No charge for members to play in any internal Club Competitions
  • Green opens for practise from Monday 16th March 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Your Annual General Meeting

Yes, don't forget Members ... This is the ideal time to say what you think, whether good or bad, we want to hear from you!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 22nd January @ 7.30pm upstairs in the North Road Pavilion. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Longdendale Division 2 Fixtures are OUT!

Running up to the Husband Cup  on the 9th May ...... full list available on request

11-Apr Delamere Park v Hyde Park A
week 1 Etherow A v Glossop
James North's v Victoria B
Spring Gardens A v Trades Hall
Romiley Arms v Friendship
18-Apr Trades Hall v James North's
week2 Victoria B v Etherow A
Glossop v Romiley Arms
Friendship v Delamere Park
Hyde Park A v Spring Gardens A
25-Apr Delamere Park v Spring Gardens A
week 3 Etherow A v Trades Hall
James North's v Hyde Park A
Friendship v Glossop
Romiley Arms v Victoria B
02-May Trades Hall v Romiley Arms
week 4 Victoria B v Friendship
Glossop v Delamere Park
Spring Gardens A v James North's
Hyde Park A v Etherow A

2015 is here!!!

Men's Saturday Longdendale League
William Husband Cup 1st Round
Saturday 9th May 2015 @2pm
Venues to be decided.

Great Moor                                                v          Victoria A
Friendship                                                v          Navigation
Romiley Arms                                          v          James North’s
Hyde Park B                                             v          Burbage
Fairfield                                                      v          Woodley Sports
Hyde Park A                                             v          Delamere Park
Victoria B                                                  v          Etherow B
Hyde Club                                                 v          George & Dragon
Manor Park                                               v          Grapes Hotel
Etherow A                                                 v          South Manc RBL 
Hadfield                                                     v          Gamesley
Spring Gardens A                                   v          Trades Hall
Spring Gardens B                                   v          Bush
Tintwistle                                                  v          Glossop

New Mills             Bye